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Cornish Language Workshop

Sunday 17th October, 11am
Venue: Falmouth Gallery
Price £7/£5

Once thought lost in 1777 with the demise of Dolly Pentreath – the Mousehole fisherwoman cited as the last native Cornish speaker – the Cornish language is now alive and kicking, with enthusiasts of all ages helping to drive home the importance of Cornwall’s native tongue in helping us better understand Cornwall’s unique sense of place and inspiring culture.

Have you ever fancied learning a bit of Cornish, want to hear it spoken, but don't quite know where to start? Why not come along to a taster session with Yeth Kernewek/ The Cornish Language Fellowship and learn a few phrases.

Cornish language books will be available to view and purchase as well to help you on your Cornish language journey. Dha weles enna/ See you there!"

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