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Cornwall and its Fishing industry:
Lamorna Ash and Gavin Knight in conversation

Saturday October 16th, 2.30pm
Venue: Falmouth Art Gallery
Tickets: £7 (£5 students)

Lamorna Ash's latest book Dark Salt Clear took saw her relocating to Newlyn and immersing herself in the Cornish fishing industry.  Through talking with the locals and spending time out on the water, she learned how a proud and compassionate community, sustained and defined by the sea for centuries, is under threat, living in the lengthening shadow cast by globalisation. The Sunday Times selected it as one of the books of 2020 and said "Beyond the beauty of her prose, Ash's great strength lies in her ability to capture a sense of place".

Gavin Knight is the author of the Swordfish and the Star, a lively account of life in and around the busy harbour of Newlyn. Based on immersive research and rich with the voices of a cast of remarkable characters, is is an eye-opening, dramatic, poignant account of life on Britain’s most dangerous stretch of coast.

Lamorna and Gavin will discuss their experiences and look at how fishing, which has helped define Cornwall's culture over the centuries, is adjusting during a time of great social, cultural and economic change.

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