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John Higgs:

Bond and the Beatles

1.30pm, Sunday 23rd October

Tickets: £8 and £5

Every now and then the cultural zeitgeist shifts in surprising ways. So it was on Friday 5th October 1962 when Dr No, the first Bond film, and 'Love Me Do', the first Beatles record were both released.

60 years after that fateful day, John Higgs uses this moment of cultural happenstance as the starting point for a poignant and thrilling investigation into these two cultural behemoths: the most successful film franchise in history and the biggest band of all time. 

Join John as he talks to festival Director Colin Midson about some of the surprising details and shocking revelations he came across in telling these stories in parallel in his new book Love and Let Die. As he investigates themes of class war, violence, states of religious ecstasy, Freudian analysis, masculinity and above all Englishness, he comes across some unlikely connections in the interweaving narratives of Bond and the Beatles.

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John Higgs - Bond and the Beatles: Feature
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