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Raynor Winn in conversation

Monday 17th October

The Poly

Tickets: £8 and £5

Join Raynor Winn for a welcome return to the book festival as she celebrates the publication of her latest book Landlines, the follow-up to her international bestselling nature memoirs The Salt Path and The Wild Silence.  

Raynor will be talking to award-winning writer Cathy Rentzenbrink about the latest journey that she made with her husband Moth, along the Cape Wrath Trail, and through the gruelling terrain of Scotland's remotest mountains and lochs.

Being at one with nature had saved them in their darkest hour before and their hope was that it might work its magic again. But as they set out on their incredible thousand-mile journey back to the familiar shores of the South-west, Raynor and Moth didn't just experience a personal odyssey, but also bore witness to the life of an island nation facing an uncertain path ahead.

Raynor Winn in conversation: Feature
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