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Read Between the Wines

8pm, Thursday 20 October

Solskinn @ The Poly,

Tickets £15

“Language is wine upon the lips.” Virginia Woolf


We couldn’t agree more. Which is why we’re bringing the best of both together in an evening that sups from the cup of contemporary literature and interrogates the flavour notes of modern wines.

Read Between the Wines is a book group with a difference. Simultaneously celebrating the art of wordsmithery and the beauty of wine craft, we pair our book group read with a selection of three choice wines and open the floor to taste, discover and discuss.

The night starts with a reading of our chosen book group story and some insights and responses. This will be followed by a tasting of three different wines, each selected for their connection to the themes of the story and each with their own tales to tell. A little looser and warmed up, we’ll then return to the story and our thoughts on it for a free form discussion, delving deeper into its merits, magic and (maybe) misses. 

Ticket price includes an enthusiastically-led wine tasting of three wines, some erudite literary conversation augmented with exclusive perspectives from the author and critics, and some ever so slightly drunken ramblings from the rest of us. Not to mention the Read Between the Wines pencil, of course.

So come, join us. The wine (and written word) is waiting.

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