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Rebecca Humphries

Why Did you Stay?

3pm, Sunday 23 October

at The Poly

Tickets: £8 and £5

Actor, writer and hopeless romantic Rebecca Humphries had often been called crazy by her boyfriend. But when paparazzi caught him kissing his Strictly Come Dancing partner, she realised the only crazy thing was believing she didn't deserve more. 

Forced into victimhood by the story, Rebecca chose to reclaim her power, posting her thoughts on social media, including advice for other women who might be experiencing what she realised she'd managed to escape: a toxic, oppressive relationship. A flood of support poured in, but amongst the well-wishes was a simple question with an infinitely complex answer: 'if he was so bad, why did you stay?'

Join Rebecca as she talks to Arvon director Mary Morris about how writing a book about her experiences allowed her to take that question and own it. This will be an empowering, unflinching an inspiring conversation about why good girls can be drawn to darkness, whether pop culture glamourises toxicity, and how and when a relationship 'rough patch' becomes the start of a destructive cycle.  Ultimately, it's about taking positives from a bad situation and learning how to reframe disaster into something magical.

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Rebecca Humphries: Feature
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