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Mensun Bound: The Discovery of Shackleton's Endurance

In conversation with Huw Lewis-Jones

Midday, Sunday 23rd October

at The Poly

Tickets: £8 and £5

On 21 November 1915, Sir Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, finally succumbed to the crushing ice. Its crew watched in silence as the stern rose twenty feet in the air and then, it was gone. The miraculous escape and survival of all twenty-eight men on board have entered legend. And yet, the iconic ship that bore them to the brink of the Antarctic was considered forever lost.

A century later, an audacious plan to locate the ship was hatched. As with Shackleton’s own story, the ensuing expeditions were filled with intense drama and teamwork under pressure. In March 2022, the Endurance was finally found to headlines all over the world.

Join Mensun Bound, the Director of Exploration on both expeditions, and the man dubbed "the Indiana Jones of the Deep”, as he brings to life the captivating story of Shackleton and his legendary ship, providing the perfect tribute to a monumental discovery.

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The Endurance with Mensun Bound: Feature
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