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Falmouth - a town with stories to tell

In the 16th century, Falmouth was an unnamed peninsula south east of the historic town of Penryn. Within 200 years it had become one of the busiest ports in the world, and the nerve centre of an international communications network.  


Nowadays it is building a reputation as one of the South West’s leading cultural hubs, and has seen an extraordinary burst of activity in the past year with the launch of new festivals celebrating music (WonderFal), the visual arts (Form), comedy (Cringe) and the performing arts (FIAF), all working together under the aegis of "Falmouth Creates". 


The town is also celebrated for its renowned arts University, and award-winning bookshop, two organisations who came together to support our organisation from the start. 

The Festival is a place where we can connect, engage, learn, tell each other stories and broaden our horizons.

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