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Craig Barr Green, "Captured" Storytelling workshop

Sunday 17th October, 11.30-12.15am
Venue: Falmouth Library
Price: £Free

Craig Barr-Green is a storytelling phenomenon and perhaps his best loved book in is Captured: The Incredible True Story of Thomas Pellow.  It tells the story of how 11-year-old Thomas Pellow said goodbye to his mother and set sail out of Falmouth Harbour in 1715 on a ship captained by his uncle, delivering Cornish pilchards to Italy. But it was almost a quarter of a century before Thomas stepped onto his home shores again. What happened in between is a tale of kidnap, shipwreck, imprisonment, captive service, bravery and, daring escape.

Craig Barr-Green is the author of two award-winning children’s books set in Cornwall, and a  play, The One Memory of Flora Banks, co-written with Emily Barr, which was commissioned by the Hall for Cornwall Youth Theatre. Craig regularly runs writing workshops for all ages and lectures Children’s and Young Adult Writing at Falmouth University.

This event is free, but there are limited places so please just book one ticket per child (adults who are accompanying children do not require a ticket). 

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